Cloud and Data Center

The migration of existing applications is easier than ever!
Migrating your existing applications to the Cloud is a time-consuming and complex task if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. With GlobalXperts Technology, you get the expertise of a team with extensive experience in managing migration projects for enterprises and startups. We’ll work with you at every stage of the migration process to ensure you get results that align with your infrastructure and business needs.

DevOps Automation
When infrastructure can be changed, deployed, and replicated rapidly, you empower businesses to deliver software more effectively. GlobalXperts Technology uses a mature cloud DevOps framework that incorporates configuration management, infrastructure automation, and analytics to build infrastructure that can adapt at the speed of business.

Managed Cloud Services
Managed cloud infrastructure thrusts upon a huge list of operational challenges. From monitoring, backups, disaster recovery, deployments, and architecture design to managing security and DevOps tasks continuously in itself can take your focus away from your core business. GlobalXperts Technology provides assistance in managing your cloud infrastructure and helps you focus more on Apps instead of Ops.

We build self-healing, modular cloud infrastructure that supports your DevOps practices

  • Site Reliability: Achieve 100% uptime with a system that anticipates failure
  • Containers and Dockers: Simplify infrastructure management and code deployment
  • Continuous Delivery: Improve the frequency of software delivery with deployment automation
  • Security by Design: Automate security controls & build security into every part of IT management