Empowering and supporting the leaders of tomorrow
Technology and Education provide wonderful gateways for our children to succeed and improve our world. Here at GlobalXperts, we take pride in supporting Educational facilities with their technological needs. Our children are our future and by providing innovative solutions that expand young minds along with accurate service support we can bridge the gap between technology and education.


The power to make life better
Whether it is powering a city, a manufacturing facility, air and land travel, or the family vacation to the beach, our entire way of life would not be possible without the endless supply of energy. That is why we work tirelessly to provide our energy generation customers with the best IT support services we can to them continue to make life better throughout our world!


Accessibility and innovation
Being able to have ease of access to our finances is something we all want. Since technology continues to shape our world, financial companies are constantly working hard to keep up. The task is daunting given the looming cyber security challenges our financial institutions face and the growing need for faster and more innovative ways to transact business. Whether those services are derived from bricks and mortar offices, ATMs, mobile apps, or online services, financial companies continue to innovate ways for us to have ease of access to our finances. Adhering to industry best practices, GlobalXperts provides the advanced IT environment and support services that financial companies require.


The value of life
Healthcare providers work tirelessly to provide superior health care for our loved ones and ourselves. Whether it is a health care company, a hospital, an outpatient clinic, or a pharmaceutical business, GlobalXperts understands the importance and value that these organizations play in our lives and the unique IT infrastructure needed to deliver their services. Keeping up with so many patients and communicating information across the world is so sensitive that healthcare companies need someone they can rely on. Healthcare industries are one of our most important clients and based on their continuing need for IT services support we know we are helping to make a difference in the lives of many.

Media & Entertainment

Engaging our world
Media and entertainment industries continue to find creative ways to reach people with fresh, rich entertainment content. Using technology as their main tool for innovation, GlobalXperts knows that keeping up with IT needs is a must. We provide high-performance IT solutions for the media & entertainment industries that address enterprise, network, cloud, wireless, mobile devices, and social media. By keeping up with fast-emerging new technologies, GlobalXperts is the go-to company for reliable IT solutions that will get your company back on track!

Service Provider

Partnering for success
The goal of any information technology solution provider is to deliver exceptional service to their customers. Growing their business and finding more efficient ways of delivering services are key to succeeding as a service provider company. GlobalXperts provides the expertise to enable your company to do just that. We understand that there are times when it makes sense to partner on a project rollout or help with managed services support. With GlobalXperts helping you with the areas giving you the most pain, your company resources can be directed to what is most important such as adding new accounts and growing revenue.


Making IT simple and bringing technology to the people
The Government IT procurement process can be very precise and complex if not familiar with this market. GlobalXperts understands the process starting with pre-bid meetings, developing proposals during the solicitation phase, the specialized contracting approaches the government uses, past performance requirements, and evaluation criteria to contract award and implementation. Our staff is ready to help you with all facets of your IT enterprise and network requirements including Cisco collaboration, data center, cloud, wireless and mobility applications. Whatever the need may be, our engineers are ready to listen and provide expert planning and design support for your next initiative.

GlobalXperts is focused on planning, designing, implementing, and managing IT networks on a worldwide basis. We have been implementing industry-leading IT solutions for streamlining communications operations for mostly the commercial sector. Many of the goals of our private sector business customers apply to our government customers. For instance, all stakeholders want IT solutions that are highly available, productive, scalable, and secure at a fair price.

Government agencies benefit from doing business with a company that is familiar with its process and delivers on its contractual promises. That’s GlobalXperts.