Cloud and Data Center Migration

Assisting in the designing, migration, security, operations, and the continuous optimization of infrastructure leveraging cloud technologies
Cloud Management platform – offers quick ROI, seamless cloud cost management, comprehensive cloud security, advanced cloud automation, and smart migration services featuring 99.99% up-time. Cloud computing enables scalable, on-demand, and pay-per-use IT infrastructure, eliminating the barriers of space and time.

Cloud Migration and Strategy
Cloud Strategy: Unite key stakeholders and understand the key elements of cloud adoption. Cloud Planning: Create a step-by-step action plan for migrating to the cloud. Cloud Migration: Applications and data are securely migrated to the new target environment. Cloud optimization: Improve the reliability, security, and ROI of your cloud environment. Cloud 24/7 Support: GlobalXperts will provide end-to-end day 2 support.

The Approach

  • Discover: GlobalXperts first identifies the inventory of current applications and their usage along with their platforms and license dependencies. We also identify the SLA, security, and compliance of various business applications.
  • Analysis: By using industry best practices and the information gathered in the discovery phase, GlobalXperts cloud architects work with you to design the cloud architecture model to be deployed on the cloud.
  • Migration: All the major layers of the system requirements, such as DNS, load balancers, web, application layers, database, storage, security, internal/external integrations, monitoring, backup, deployment, and background programs are migrated to the cloud.
  • Validation: We ensure that the systems have been migrated without loss of fidelity in functional and non-functional requirements.