AI and Automation

Finding the right knowledge at the right time in a large enterprise is tedious. You get nowhere without guessing the right keywords. You end up going through documents page by page, eventually relying on your memory or intuition.

UC and Collaboration

Advanced Collaboration technologies empower businesses to connect, communicate and collaborate IT can easily become burdened, in addition to the diversified technology, due to the high volume of operational events.

Cloud and Data Center

When infrastructure can be migrated, deployed, and replicated rapidly, you empower businesses to deliver more effectively. Cloud optimization: Improve the reliability, security, and ROI of your cloud environment.

DevOps and Rapid Application Development

Businesses today must move at the speed the technology moves. With the slow decline of traditional software development, which often

Managed Communication Services

GlobalXperts Technology’ Managed Communications Services, which is cloud-based, offer customizable features, thereby, improving productivity, guaranteeing reliability, easily scalable, and cost-effective.

IT Security

We provide you with the cybersecurity expertise and experience that is required to secure your organization’s data. Take advantage of our comprehensive security solutions

GlobalXperts Technology is an ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant IT Infrastructure and network communication support organization with a business focus of providing end users and solutions providers, with support services based on industry best practices.
  • Managed IT Services (MIS)
  • Professional Services
  • Network Consulting
  • Cloud and Data Migration
  • Field Engineering


GlobalXperts Technology specializes in offering enterprise solutions, support, and services.
GlobalXperts Technology is an ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant IT Infrastructure and network communication support organization with a business focus on providing end-users and solutions providers, with support services based on industry best practices.

The customers we support to leverage the partnership they have with us as an extension of their professional services and managed services capabilities allowing them to extend their reach and mitigate risk. In addition, our unique best-of-breed approach has enabled our customers to enjoy substantial cost savings and the quality of service delivered.

GlobalXperts has:

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9000
  • 100+ Clients
  • 100+ Projects
  • 1500+ Partners
  • 100+ Employees


Connecting People & Technology

GlobalXperts Technology has the vision of interfacing People and Technology together by offering A-list, condition of workmanship, and demonstrated innovation arrangements and administrations to its customers with an intention to make a long-standing organization and affiliation.

Service Provider

The goal of any information technology solution provider is to deliver exceptional service to their customers. Growing their business and finding more efficient ways of delivering services are key to succeeding as a service provider company.

Customer Delight

GlobalXperts Technology strongly has faith in making the more prominent statures in client experience by meeting and surpassing their desires in their IT needs and necessities by offering the correct arrangement of arrangements with a goal to get productivity.

Customer Reviews

Alfred Jantzi

“I feel very comfortable when I think of computer/server, security, solutions. I definitely recommend the service provided to us by GlobalXperts Technology. The solutions we have in place help to accomplish this. GlobalXperts Technology has given us no reason to look for another provider. Appreciate their service and dedication to provide an outstanding service to us."

Shaw Reynolds

"By moving to GlobalXperts Technology is peace of mind. As a business owner in a time-sensitive business, it is important for us to be up-and-running at all times. Time is money if we required technical services. I know I can count on GlobalXperts Technology to be ready when I need it. GlobalXperts Technology also keeps our systems secure and up-to-date so we are always running efficiently."

Lisa Burr

"Quick response time, a courteous team and technical knowledge are the biggest advantages for our company since moving to GlobalXperts Technology. Compared to other IT firms we have worked with in the past, the GlobalXperts Technology team has the technical expertise required for our operations. If anyone was unsure about choosing GlobalXperts Technology for their IT services, I would say that this company understands our fast-paced office environment. They respond quickly to our changing, and sometimes challenging, requests."

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